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FAQ: Terms & Conditions

How do I book a performance?

Bookings may be made via phone, fax, email or through the bookings link on this website.


Fees are charged per student. Every show has a MINIMUM FEE detailed on the brochure. The cost is the number of students multiplied by the fee per student or the minimum performance fee, whichever is the greater.


10% GST is paid on top of the fee per student by the school and is refundable to the school so not collected from the students. Oz Opera productions are the only GST EXEMPT performances.

Public Liability Policies?

Each individual performer holds a Public Liability Policy of $20 million. Proof of currency is available on request.


Deposits are not required.


A blank tax invoice is sent with final confirmation letters for the organising teacher to fill in when numbers are finalised. Performers carry spare ones with them. Payment is requested to be made on the day but if this is not possible you may post a cheque or pay by EFT. Please fax or email a remittance when paying by EFT.

Cancellation Policy?

A booking cancelled less than three weeks prior to the scheduled performance attracts a Cancellation Fee of $100 + GST. For bookings cancelled with less than one week's notice a Cancellation Fee of the performance minimum fee applies.

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