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“Well done!!! Your presentation – The Groove Nomad Show was truly amazing and very much related to the Australian Curriculum from a creative perspective. All students were thoroughly engaged and enthusiastically participating for the entire performance. Thank you for your time, effort, professionalism and talent”

Kin Kin State School

“The students were engaged from the very beginning as were the teachers. His lovely message of the ‘acceptance of others’ was very well delivered and clearly understood. His mastery of a diverse variety of instruments was awesome and they were well introduced with good flow. The show was paced well with stories of an appropriate length for the audience... All groups gave a rating of 4 or 5 out of 5 for excellent. I find our kids brutally honest and that is a great rating.”

Chevallum State School

The GrooveNomad

with Marco Debie


Marco, ‘The Groovenomad’, is a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for world music and transcultural integration. After some years as a promotor for Indigenous artists in Europe, he left his homeland, The Netherlands and for 10 years lived as a travelling musician in more than 25 countries. Through music and sharing story/culture, he engaged and built meaningful relationships with people from a great variety of ethnic backgrounds. He has a rich performing experience as a solo artist, as session/guest musician, with dance groups, theatre, visual arts projects, DJs and more.

In this unique school incursion he blends personal and cultural stories with traditional, innovative and electronic instruments from around the globe. He shares the richness, beauty and power of embracing cultural diversity and its importance in establishing a progressive global community.


K-6 (55 min / mixed groups preferred / large groups possible):

Sounds and stories of past and present promote social sustainability as the future.

Armed with his instruments, sampler and loop-station, The Groovenomad captivates his audience with a dynamic and fast paced performance.

The students are introduced to a variety of instruments, music technology and progressive social concepts. Mesmerizing music, enchanting stories and a lot of entertaining & explanatory student participation take the students on a journey through the World of the Groovenomad: A beautiful place of infinite creativity, cultural diversity and full of opportunity. The students are invited to trust themselves and the world in which they live and to engage with an open, curious mind and a positive, respectful attitude.

The show strikes a beautiful balance be tween education and fun, calm and crazy. Great crowd control and tight coordination allow for a finale that allows the whole school to participate. Up to 15 students will participate on stage during the show to connect and play with traditional, electronic and recycled-material instruments.

ACARA: The 3 cross-curriculum priorities, ACARA’s general capabilities: Critical and creative thinking; personal and social capability; ethical understanding and intercultural understanding, Music, Drama.

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Years K - 6
60 minutes
$4.00 + 40c GST
$572.00 ($520 + $52 GST if less than 130 students)
Teachers Notes provided
Access to power, 3 x 3m performance space,
small or medium size table