Dan & Paula


“Fantastic engagement with the students, excellent motivation children were involved throughout. One of the best incursions to have visited the school.’!”

Ardross Primary, WA

“The students were engaged from the outset. The performance targeted all abilities enabling all students to participate and extend their creative thinking.”

Warnbro Community, High School, WA

“THEY LOVED IT! Very enthusiastic and all proud of their achievements. Inspired ME to get out my ‘how to draw’ book and teach them more!”
“FANTASTIC! Interactive, motivating, WOW!!”

Esperance Primary School

“The children were excited and happy, they couldn’t stop talking about it. REALLY
enjoyed the show!”

Nulsen Primary School

”Absolute enjoyment, completely engaged and enthusiastic. The children/teachers are inspired to write, draw and be the best at anything they want to be”

Freyburg Community School, NZ

Dan & Paula

Imagine, Create, Illustrate


Dan and Paula (Rob and Paula Daniel) are a talented husband and wife team committed to making a positive, powerful difference to the lives of young people everywhere. Their very funny, highly effective, interactive show takes their audience from believing they can’t, to knowing they can, in just a few minutes, demonstrating not only how to write and draw without the prospect of failing, but also how to trust their own creative process in all that they do in life.

Rob Daniel (Dan) is a recipient of the W.A. Education Award for Excellence. Dan is an exceptional motivator, children’s writer and journalist, who instils a strong sense of self-confidence, resilience and self-esteem in young people. Dan is a natural children’s comic and has presented over 500 interactive workshops in Australia and internationally over the last five years with outstanding ongoing results.

Paula Daniel is a qualified primary school teacher who specialises in literacy and gifted education and works worldwide. Trained in developing self-esteem, Paula is a passionate advocate for living a life we love. She is also a life coach and runs workshops/PD days on identifying gifted children.


Dan wins over his audience straight away with a hilarious, interactive opening which takes them on a journey from their babyhood to who they are now, ensuring all fears of looking silly or getting it wrong are removed. Students of all ages are inspired and put at ease. From there the creative journey is entirely unpredictable as Dan brings the very best out of young imaginations while Paula recreates it all on paper as they participate. She gives students drawing techniques they can use to take any inanimate object and bring it artistically to life, seemingly giving ordinary items a will and personality of their own.

Dan and Paula ensure everyone in the room feels safe to express themselves without fear of making mistakes so even the most reluctant writers feel compelled to meet the five minute writing challenge set for them, with extraordinary results. Dan and Paula put fun back into areas many children find difficult and challenge young people to discover their own passion in life and to begin living that passion.

All artwork produced by Paula on the day is given to the school, as is a folder with ideas and concepts Dan and Paula use during the performance with explanations on how these can be implemented in the classroom.

www.chocmint.com for more about the work they do with children globally.

Years K-10
90 minutes
$5.00 + 50c gst
$660 ($600 + $60 gst if less than 120 students)
Pencils, pens, coloured pens, lined and unlined
paper, whiteboard, clipboard and a sense of humour!