“Excellent! Children were engaged right from the start. This was maintained throughout. Good variety of music styles, chn were having fun but were also learning.”

Westbury PS, Tasmania

“Kids loved it… never seen them so active, engaged and entertained.”

St Mary’s PS, Hurstville

“A dynamic, fresh, physical, funky show that delivered and reinforced just about every area of the primary school curriculum…it was incredible and rebooked for the whole term.”

St Mary’s PS, Hurstville

“Kamokidz’ unique blend of contemporary music and songs integrates vocal chants, body percussion and self awareness that hit the spot with all of our 4oo Kids!”

St. Vincent’s PS, Ashfield


with Andy Jones


Andy Jones is a best selling children’s entertainer, author and songwriter. He has released 5 CDs, 12 books and 5 audiotapes through the ABC. The “Hot Jokes for Kool Kids’ series which has sold over 1.5 million copies coupled with thousands of shows around the country have made Andy a favourite with kids and parents.

He has performed at and hosted some of the biggest events in Sydney – New Year’s Eve at Darling Harbour, Mayor’s Christmas Eve Ball at Hyde Park, Australia Day at Parramatta Park and The Kids’ Day Out in every major city in Australia. He has toured as an ABC for kids artist with every act from Blinky Bill to The Wiggles.

Andy is a trained early childhood and primary school teacher and has utilised this invaluable education to create his shows, CDs and books. He has created a truly unique, diverse and age appropriate fitness/percussion program that is curriculum based.

Kam-O-Kidz has been affectionately nicknamed ‘STOMP’ for kids.


Kam-O-Kidz is a fun filled, student friendly aerobic- fitness/percussion program that incorporates dance, movement, music, percussion, chanting and participation. The show uses twelve specifically written pieces of music that showcase all styles and rhythmic beats in a fast, fun and engaging way.

Students are so involved in the show they do not realise it is exercise and fitness! They get to sing, dance, jump, chant and clap and do just about every other gross motor movement humanly possible!

The show finishes with a relaxation session where students lie on their backs and listen to a song that has a human heartbeat as its rhythm while Andy talks them through an amazing visualisation.

Teachers’ Notes are included.

60 minutes
$3.50 + 35c GST
$539 ($490 + $49 GST if less than 140 students)
3 x 7 metre stage area, table big enough for 2 PCs,
access to power
300 Mixed age groups preferred.


The show can also be booked to provide the school’s 2 hours per week mandatory fitness in line with the PDHPE Schools’ Fitness Program.