Didjeribone Show with Tjupurru


“ Fascinating and funky! Enthralled with how
you created sounds with the students and incorporated an informative history. Amazed
by the didjeribone - possibilities to create such varied music.”

St Dominic’s, Adelaide SA

“Clear links to history, Science, Muisic and Geography. Funny, interesting and a great production! Well done.”

Ashmore SS, QLD

“We would have Tjupurru back every week
if we could. Absolutely brilliant performance.”

Shortland PS, NSW

“Great background into Aboriginal culture, lots of music learning included and great storytelling. Very funny and appealing to all age groups.
Loved it!”

St Leonards PS, Adelaide SA

Didjeribone Show

with Tjupurru


Internationally renowned didgeridoo player, Adrian Fabila Tjupurrula – Tjupurru is a proud descendant of the Djabera Djabera people of the West Australian Kimberlies. Tjupurru has performed all over the globe, including some of the world’s most prestigious festivals. He has twice been invited to perform at TEDxSyd.


The Didjeribone Show is an “all inclusive” experience which fuses Tjupurru’s own personal cultural journey and his musical talents with the latest technology inventions to empower the audience to create and appreciate traditional and modern music.

The “Didjeribone” is an Australian Made instrument which combines elements of the didgeridoo and trombone and is teamed with the “Face Bass” and Looping technology to pave the way for a highly interactive and energetic performance. Tjupurru captivates students and teachers alike with his extraordinary ability to deliver the Didjeribone Show combining humour, storytelling, education and music. Be prepared to be amazed!

Years K - 12
55 minutes
$5.00 + 50c gst
$715 ($650 + $65 gst if less than 130 students)

A large, mixed age audience works best with this
performance but quality will never be compromised
regardless of audience numbers.