Island Dreaming with Phil Gia


“Teachers and students loved the program, had a wonderful time, learnt a lot and would highly recommend it!”

Woodstock State School, QLD

“The students were fascinated by Phil and his stories and his amazing way of sharing his culture.”

Millaroo State School, QLD

“Phil’s show has given the students and teachers a different view about Aboriginal people and their ways, both the highs and the lows. Very well presented and highly entertaining, a must see.”

St. John Bosco Catholic School, QLD

“Phil has been involved with our school per
formances and workshops. The students have learnt a lot and gained so much confidence in
life through this great role model.”

St. Michael’s Catholic School, QLD

Island Dreaming

with Phil Geia


Phil Geia is a Bwgcolman (many tribes) with family ties to Yarrabah and the Torres Straits. He had the privilege of attending two types of schools: a mainland school and an Aboriginal school where his grandfather was a teacher. Phil has many years’ experience working with school children both nationally and internationally and for the past few years has been working as Cultural Officer at Palm Island.



Island Dreaming is a storytelling program that incorporates traditional stories given modern relevance by Phil, song and dance, instruments (didgeridoo, bipra (clap sticks), kulaps (shakers), boomerangs) and cultural insights.

Through these mediums the performance teaches: right from wrong, that all young boys get up to mischief (a story about brothers), games that children play, Aboriginal terminology, why ‘saltwater’ people learn to dance at a young age , Revealed - the secret behind Australian Aborigines’ most iconic dance.

With lots of participation and plenty of laughter, this is an unique murri presentation created for reconciliation.

Years 7 – 12: ‘PALM ISLAND: The Good, The Bad and The Deadly’

Palm Island: The Good, The Bad and The Deadly' is a powerpoint presentation about the good things related to living on Palm Island, the bad things that have happened there and the deadly things Palm Islanders do.

The program covers the history of Palm, the controversial stigma created by the media about Palm and the never told stories about the island. Created especially for Secondary students, it highlights social justice, inequity, violence, the stolen generation, stolen wages and the riots. Along with didge playing and a shared dance, Phil gives students another view of life on Palm Island.

Years K-12
55 minutes
$4.00 + 40c gst
$572 ($520 + $52 gst if less than 130 students)
Smartboard or projector (High Schools only)