Kai Kaha - The Spirit of Polynesia with Tony Mason


"Dramatic flare was superb, geography
aspects were exceptional. Was at their level and Tony had them eating out of the palm of his hands. Totally engrossing."

Thornton Park PS, NSW

"Action packed!! Children adored Tony. Your performance was the most exciting and entertaining performance I have seen and I'm sure it is the same for the students. Every school should see this performance, It's excellent!"

St James PS, NSW

"It takes skill to present a show which appeals to K-7 both boys and girls. You achieved this, well done! They were still 'buzzing' about it days later."

Henley Beach PS, SA

Mana - The Spirit of Polynesia

performed by Tony Mason


Tony Mason has spent his life surrounded by traditional Polynesian heritage where he was exposed to the deep and creative environment of the songs, chants and rhythms of Polynesia. He has been involved with cultural groups and performed in competitions of Maori culture throughout New Zealand. Through his passion for dance and music, and his enjoyment of Polynesian culture, Tony wishes to share with his audience an awareness and the richness of other cultures.


Tony Mason introduces his audience to the rich and diverse cultures of Polynesia, where he grew up and was taught the deeper meaning of his culture, customs, and spirit of the people of Polynesia. The children will journey with Tony to his homeland New Zealand where they will learn a basic Maori action song, then participate in the Haka (Maori war dance) to a nursery rhyme. Tony also demonstrates the famous Maori poi (balls on the end of a string) as he does movements including the helicopter, flight of the bird, etc. Through these and other dances there is plenty of interaction. Join Tony on this bright, energetic journey of his ancestry.

Tony has a wonderful ability to communicate with children from the kindergarten/childcare age group. At a young age this is a great opportunity for children to participate in dances from another culture, and will help them appreciate other cultures; which in turn, will help them accept and embrace the multicultural society in which we live. His performance supports the development of essential learning in two areas – arts and creativity and diversity.

Kindergarten / Childcare
40 minutes
$352 ($320 + $32 gst)

5m x 5m area required and access to power