Ryka Ali


“Students did not want the performance to end (across all levels). They could show us the dance moves, tell me about how high he jumped, recount the instruments, songs, some words and what Ryka talked about. Staff are raving about him.”

Byford PS, WA

“Ryka was extremely entertaining and knowledgable. Our students have wanted to YouTube ‘Move It Mobstyle’ to see Ryka in action again. I will be rcommending this performance to my colleagues at other schools.”

St Monica’s, Oakey, QLD

“They loved it and they learned. Best
aboriginal performance we’ve ever had!”

Sylvania PS, NSW


with Ryka Ali


Ryka Ali's heritage stems from the Wuthathi tribe of Shellburne Bay, Cape York and from the Torres Strait Islands and he is a proud ambassador for the youth of both cultures. Ryka has performed at various festivals and cultural showcases around the world and has been presenting shows in schools around Australia, at first with his family, since he was twelve.


A presentation in two parts and tailored to the age group of his audience, Ryka’s performance reveals the richness of both the Torres Strait Islands and Aboriginal cultures. The show is gently humorous, educational and participation is greatly encouraged. Beginning with the Torres Strait Islands, Ryka performs an introductory dance followed by participatory dances and explanations of various instruments, artefacts and costumes specific to the Islands. Ryka will then introduce the Aboriginal culture, ‘painting up’ with ochre and explaining its significance and the importance of the designs. Once again Ryka will perform and teach native dances, along with with demonstrations of instruments pertinent to the Aboriginal culture, especially the extraordinary versatility of the didgeridoo.

Years K-10
55 minutes
$4.00 + 40c gst
$572 ($520 + $52.00 gst if less than 130 students)
Microphones, access to power