Bully No More


‘Students were mesmerised by the performance. They were totally engrossed and highly
motivated to discuss the issues after the performance. Content was exceptional and dealt sensitively with meaningful and relevant issues. Students were engaged the entire time.’

Banksia Road, NSW

‘The best performance I have seen. Clear concise message. Very well acted.’

Highgate PS, NSW

‘Children really enjoyed the performance. They were thoroughly entertained and were able to discuss the main issues at length afterwards.’

West Ryde, NSW

Bully No More

Part 1 of the Bullying Trilogy

performed by Starrs Production


Trisha Starrs has been writing and directing plays for young people for the last 20 years. In Bully No More Trisha explores what bullying is, how it makes you feel and offers strategies to deal with the problem. The actors involved in the production are drama graduates and have strong backgrounds in theatre and working with children.


Bully No More dramatises a troubled friendship between two students at primary school. Eric can’t understand why he is always being picked on by Becksy at lunch time. He confides in his good friend Ralph who gives him a few home truths and some great advice. He sets out to discover why Becksy treats him the way she does.

As Eric begins to understand what is making Becksy act the way she does he discovers that he and Ralph can help her through peer support and friendship. They discover they can be friends after all.

The play dramatises what bullying is; physical, verbal, visual and offers positive strategies that enable children to deal with bullying. A de-brief session is offered after the play.

Years K - 6
60 minutes
$6.60 ($6.00 + 60c GST)
$660 ($600+ $60 GST if less than 100 students)
Teachers’ notes provided