A Beautiful Place with Marco Debie


“That was fantastic, the kids were engaged from the minute you walked in, the sharing of the stories from cultures from around the world, the music, the kids loved it, you are an awesome entertainer!

Yandina State School

Truly amazing and very much related to the Australian Curriculum from a creative perspective. All students were thoroughly engaged and enthusiastically participating for the entire performance.

Kin Kin State School

The students were engaged from the very beginning as were the teachers. His lovely message of the acceptance of others was very well delivered and clearly understood. His mastery of a diverse variety of instruments was awesome

Chevallum State School

A Beautiful Place

A Journey of World Music and Culture

with Marco Debie


Marco Debie has travelled and lived in more than 25 countries and was a freelance promoter for Indigenous artists and cultural events in The Netherlands, before settling in Australia.  

Through the sharing of music and story he connected with people from a great variety of ethnic backgrounds and has collaborated with multicultural musicians and dance groups, theatre, visual arts projects and more.

In this incursion his astonishing musical skills and charm as a storyteller become creative and fun tools that empower students to embrace a world that is increasingly culturally diverse and dynamically interconnected. It encourages unprejudiced curiosity and positive imagination about the world they live in.



This performance focuses around the themes of diversity and sustainability and makes for a perfect match with any events around Harmony Week or any curriculum units on these themes.

With anecdotal and cultural stories that give a sense of connection with the variety of cultures we encounter and a range of traditional, innovative and recycled-material instruments we explore cultural diversity with great optimism and delight.

"Together we create a highly interactive, captivating experience; a creative journey to beautiful places where we find unique people, stories and sounds. We integrate what we find into our own cultural expressions in innovative ways as we end our journey where we started, in our beloved multicultural Australia….. indeed, A Beautiful Place!" Marco Debie

This show guarantees an hour of mesmerizing fun while providing experiential education in the curriculum units involved.

ACARA: HASS, Music, Drama, General Capabilities, Cross Curriculum Priorities, Language

“It is important that students come to understand their world, past and present, and develop a capacity to respond to challenges, now and in the future”  (https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au)

Years K - 6
55 minutes
$4.00 + 40c GST
$572.00 ($520 + $52 GST if less than 130 students)
Access to power, 3 x 3m performance space,
small or medium size table