Felicity Pulman
The Little Penguins of Manly Wharf by Felicity Pulman

The Little Penguins of Manly Wharf

with Felicity Pulman


The Little Penguins of Manly Wharf is Felicity’s latest book and the protection of the penguins has become a personal passion for her. Felicity has many years experience speaking about researching and writing her novels and conducting workshops for students and adults across a variety of genres. Her love of history, fantasy and crime is reflected in her numerous novels for children and teenagers, most notably Ghost Boy, the Shalott trilogy and her medieval crime series for teenagers, The Janna Mysteries, set in the 1140’s at the time of the ‘Anarchy’ the civil war between King Stephen and the Empress Matilda. Book 4, Willows for Weeping and Shalott have both won the Society of Women Writers Biennial Book Awards. Her books are listed in the Premier’s Reading Challenge in NSW, VIC and SA.

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The Little Penguins of Manly Wharf was commissioned by the National Parks and Wildlife Services as an adjunct to Project Penguin which is run every year by Taronga Zoo in conjunction with local agencies, all of which are involved in the care and protection of this endangered fairy penguin colony at Manly Wharf. Those who have contributed information include NPWS, the Manly Environment Centre, staff at Taronga Zoo and hospital and, of course, the penguin protectors who keep vigil every night while the penguins are in residence. Felicity will read some of their stories: how Mr Stickybeak went clubbing one night, and how Hopalong came to have only one foot. She will also tell the stories of Mrs Silverwing, Hopalong and Lucky, as told to her by Angelika Treichler, a long-serving penguin protector. These stories illustrate how vulnerable these little penguins are, being the only mainland colony in Australia and living so close to the main tourist area of Manly. In an interactive discussion (illustrated with a powerpoint presentation) Felicity will discuss the habitat and life cycle of the penguins, and ask questions about the many threats faced by the colony and what steps may be taken to protect them. She will invite the students to suggest ways and means to inform the public as to how to protect and care for the colony. Time-permitting, students will be asked to design a penguin poster – or this could be a follow-up activity for the classroom.

Years 3-6
60 minutes (including question time)
$3.50 + 35c GST
$500.50 ($455 + $45.50 gst if less than 130 students)
Laptop, projector and screen or smartboard