The Bully is Back


‘The Bully is Back was very positive. A great learning experience. The interactive part with
the children was fun, but also helped to develop empathy towards a bully and provided strategies for the children to help him/her.’

Islamic College, SA

‘The children loved The Bully is Back! The show was very funny and the children were engaged. They were able to identify bullying and strategies to use after the show.’

Edensor Park Public School, NSW

‘Excellent characterisation. Explains what a bully is and why. The kids could relate to the examples. Brilliant actors! Thank you.’

Warilla North Public School, NSW

The Bully is Back

Part 3 of the Bullying Trilogy

performed by Starrs Production


Trisha Starrs has been writing and directing plays for young people for the last 20 years. In Return of the Bully practical strategies are taught during the play to help the children understand and deal with bullying. The actors involved in this production are drama graduates and have strong backgrounds in theatre and working with children.


During ‘The Bully is Back’ the principles of resilience are introduced to the children through the dramatisation of Alex’s return to the school. Poppy had been bullied by Alex in ’Return of the Bully’ but this time she attempts to make friends and discovers all about Alex’s home life and how that has contributed to the bullying. Poppy asks Sensei for help and he teaches her all about resilience. Sensei and Poppy decide to help Alex discover his resilience in times of adversity so that he doesn’t have to be a bully. The three sources of resilience I Have, I am and I Can are dramatised through the play’s story to encourage the children to foster trusting relationships, pride in oneself, the ability to problem solve and grow towards autonomous and independent behaviour.

Years K - 6
60 minutes
$6.60 ($6.00 + 60c GST)
$660 ($600+ $60 GST if less than 100 students)
Teachers’ notes provided