'The students were captivated by the performer. He was a skilled musician and expert at engaging students from reception to year seven.
His behaviour management skills were exceptional. At times, he had the students up dancing and singing and then skilfully brought them back down to engage them in quiet discussions and question time.'

Klemzig PS, SA


with Mohamed Bangoura


Mohamed Bangoura is a master drummer, performer and teacher of traditional Guinean music. He was born into a traditional ‘Griot’ family, Griot tradition being an oral tradition that passes on African culture through music, story and song. He is regarded as a true master through initiation and ability. Mohamed honours and respects his ancestry with meticulous skill and virtuosity. In Guinea he is described as the man with ‘Hands Of Fire’, ‘Lion Of Matam’. He was a member of the internationally acclaimed ‘Percussion de Guinee’ as well as National Ballet ensembles in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. Mohamed continues to perform at festivals around the world but now also brings his remarkable talents to schools throughout Australia.


Tailored to a preschool audience from his school presentation. Mohamed’sperformances are designed to introduce students of all ages to the educational andfun aspects of djembe drumming, dance and his culture. He relates to studentson the level of each age group. Students feel empowered to express themselvesthrough a variety of percussive instruments such as djembes, dununs, shakers,bells and dance. He brings the relaxed but dynamic and spirited African learningenvironment to preschools and early learning centres with stories, songs, danceand laughter.

The sessions are formulated to:
  • Enhance hand-eye coordination, listening skills and creativity
  • Overcome inhibitions, promote confidence and release stress
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Foster left/right brain integration
  • Breakdown social, gender, age and cultural differences
  • Expose students to the role music plays within the West African culture

Kindergarten / Childcare
40 minutes
$352.00 ($320.00 + $32.00 GST)