Flotsam and Jetsam with Chrissie Shaw

Flotsam and Jetsam

performed by Chrissie Shaw

Written by Greg Lissaman and Chrissie Shaw


Chrissie Shaw is a Canberra based actor/musician. Previously her work has included touring with the Pipi Storm Company, performing shows and running workshops for children all over Australia. Her production 'Gran's Bag' has toured schools and libraries in both Canberra and NSW with great success. Her second offering 'Flotsam and Jetsam' produced by SmallShows, is also sure to delight primary school children everywhere. 'Flotsam and Jetsam' is directed by Catherine Mann with set design by Hilary Talbot and costumes by Imogen Keen.


Flotsam and Jetsam is a cracking good story about children living in an exciting and isolated place - a lighthouse island!

Nikki lived on a remote island when she was a child. Her father was Head Lighthouse Keeper. Now, fifty years later, Nikki rides in a helicopter to revisit her childhood home. The memories flood back, and we are swept along with Nikki who with her sister Sally, had the whole island as an adventure playground! Their toys were things they found washed up on the beach, their school was in the kitchen with mum.

With help from children in the audience, Nikki recreates her island and her family's hair-raising journey there. It is through the eyes of the playful and adventurous Nikki, and the anxious Mrs Ingram who blows in from 1910, that young audiences experience the joys and hardships of living in a wild and remote place off the Australian coast, where the nearest shop… and teacher!… are hundreds of kilometres away. Mrs Ingram's family and Nikki's have very different experiences of living on the island, contrasting sharply with the lives of today's Australian children. Nikki revisiting her island, regrets that her old family home had been damaged, but rejoices that the lighthouse, now automatically run, still sends it's light out every night to keep the ships safe.

Years: K-6
55 minutes including Q&A
$4.50 + 45c gst
$643.50 ($585 + $58.50 gst if less than 130 students)
Performance area – School hall or gymnasium 4.5m wide by 4m deep. Clearance 2.5 metres. Audience can be seated in a slight curve around the performance space defined by the set and the rope in front. Access to venue is required 1 hour before show for set up, with 45 minutes to 'bump out'. A secure dressing area for performer with storage space for costumes between performances if more than one at the same venue.