Gran's Bag with Chrissie Shaw


“The Preschoolers loved your performance. They have spoken about it all week. Many of them have drawn pictures and a few have written letters that we will post to you. It inspired the children to think about story telling and performing in a new way. Many now have an interest in writing letters. It was perfectly pitched at the preschool age group.

It was great to see how different children related to different parts in the performance depending on their experiences. It caters for a wide range of children due to the many difference concepts...”

Kingsford Smith Preschool, ACT

“The show was of a high quality and suitability for preschoolers was age appropriate.

Great feedback, the children and the grandparents, and parents were impressed. Children talked about the show for days after, and sent you pictures and thank-you’s. My preschoolers love the show; Well prepared, well organized, vast knowledge, well presented, props outstanding and well thought-out for the show. Overall the show was a success I believe this was due to the organization before hand, well versed in the presentation and costumes/props. FANTASTIC, will recommend it to other teachers.
I know I will be having Gran back next year at my new school.


St Andrew's Primary School

Gran's Bag

performed by Chrissie Shaw


Chrissie Shaw is an actor/musician who has lived in Canberra for the last 21 years. Previously her work included touring with the Pipi Storm Company, performing shows and running workshops for children all over Australia. Gran's Bag has done a tour of libraries for South East Arts Region, NSW in July 2009 followed by a season at Riverside Theatre Parramatta in August 2009, and performances in Canberra preschools since September.


When Gran comes to visit, she brings her beautiful big red bag. It is a treasure trove of secrets and small delights. All sorts of surprises emerge, and lots of great stories. The best story of all is how Gran found her magic carpet bag – or did her bag find her?

Gran's Bag is a show full of puppets, bags large and small, songs and stories. The stories tell us about all sorts of Grans and their grandchildren, and take us to a city in Australia, a lonely witch's house in a deep dark forest, a bus going to the beach, and a house in China.

Preschool – Year 2 (Parents and Grandparents
encouraged to attend max 150)
40 minutes
$320.00 + $32 gst ($352.00)
INDOOR space of 3m wide, 2m deep,
with a height clearance of 2.4m.