Hocus Pocus with Greg Hudson


"Absolutely fantastic - I was in tears from laughing - he had me completely fooled - it WAS magic."

Rosary School NSW

"What can I say! Truly magnificent! It was a great show. "

Coogee PS NSW

"Simply brilliant, excellent rapport with children."

West Morley PS WA

"A tremendous show that captivated and held the audience's attention throughout - humorous and mystifying."

Seacliffe SA

"A brilliant performance enjoyed immensely by teachers and children."

East Claremont PS WA

"It was very polished, very motivational. It was humorous, clever, exciting and thoroughly entertaining - the best I have seen for a long, long time."

Elizabeth East PS SA

"Absolutely fabulous! In 38 years of teaching I have not had the opportunity of seeing such an entertaining and complete performance."

Inglewood PS NZ

Hocus Pocus

with Greg Hudson

Since the days of Ancient Egypt, and throughout the centuries, there have always been magicians .... and even in our hurly-burly, high-tech age, the mystery and magic of a conjurer still captivates us.


Greg Hudson is undoubtedly one of the most talented young magicians in Australia today. Children (and adults) sit in awe and wonderment as Greg skillfully leads them from one extraordinary sleight-of-hand to the next ...!

Humour is a vital ingredient in the programme. Greg’s outstanding communication skills and rapport with his audience make this indeed a very magical experience


Greg Hudson has performed his magic extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand. He regularly appears on board cruise ships as well as at many festivals around the country. His high standard and delightful style keep him in high demand. The feedback from schools consistently awards him a “10 out of 10”, and the comments speak for themselves


Greg Hudson’s “Hocus Pocus” is a delightful mixture of magic and humour. His skilful perfor- mance leaves the audience in awe and often convulsed in laughter from this pacey and dramatic presentation of traditional tricks using a variety of common props and materials. His clever dialogue engages the audience and motivates them to participate.

Years K-12
55 minutes
$4.00 + 40c gst
$572 ($520 + $52 gst if less than 140 students)