Speak Easy with Marcelle Bernard


"An outstanding performance. All were
totally enthralled."

Pirongia N.Z.

"Fantastic - the group were buzzing with enthusiasm."

Kambala NSW

"Very worth while in encouraging leadership skills."

Mercury Bay NZ.

"Marcelle is superb at giving students the confidence to stand up & speak, & making it a fun experience at the same time. She was wonderful to listen to."

Cronulla South NSW.

"They absolutely loved Lucky!!! Lucky was professional, engaging and an absolute joy to watch. I would love to invite him back for the other years to enjoy and learn from."

Fairfield High School

"Very entertaining & interacted very appropriately to the children's ability level."

Merrylands NSW.

"Marcelle has a great gift."

St. John the Apostle ACT


"Marcelle Bernard offers a variety of interactive workshops on public speaking, speech writing & communication. Marcelle's vibrant personality, sense of humour & professional presentation capture & hold the attention of students & teachers. Her rapport with the audience encourages participation & involvement. Highly recommended!"

Speak Easy

An Amazing Personal Development, Confident Communication
& Leadership Program for your school.


Marcelle Bernard is a sought after International Speaker, Author & Distinguished Toastmaster DTM. Marcelle presents her popular "Speak Up Speak Easy" Communication Workshops to schools all over Australia & New Zealand. Passionate about giving young people the tools to build their own self esteem, She has entertained & educated over 250,000 school students since 1996.

Combination Primary: Yrs 2-6 'STAND UP & SPEAK' 75 min

An introduction to confident communication and speaking in public. Using humorous stories & audience interaction Marcelle concentrates on developing basic skills and building confidence. The presentation includes:

  • Attitude, Vocal Variety, Body Language, Facial Expression & using Presentation Equipment.
  • 5 Effective Listening Techniques, Feedback & Evaluation skills.
  • 24 Confident Communication Strategies, Impromptu speaking & presentation skills.

Upper Primary & Intermediate: Yrs 4-8 'PREPARE PRACTISE PRESENT' 75-90 min

Provides solid techniques that develop Leadership & Communication skills. Via entertaining tales and group audience interaction Marcelle concentrates on how useful and fun Public Speaking can be. The presentation includes:

  • 'STAND UP & SPEAK' Program. Impromptu Speaking formulas. Debating skills. Brainstorming.
  • Formal Structure & Timing. Using props or equipment. 5 Step Turbo Practising Plan.

High School: Yrs 7-12 'PAIN FREE PRESENTATIONS' 75-90 min

Provides practical strategies for speaking in formal & informal situations. The presentation includes:

  • ''Prepare Practise Present' Program. Interviews skills.
  • Marcelle's Trophy Winning 'Speech Recipe' for Prepared Speaking & Essay Writing.

Guaranteed Results:

Students will have a fun & positive experience of Public Speaking. They will have enjoyed humorous stories & have been exposed to simple practical tips on how to Look Good & Sound Good while speaking in their day-to-day lives. Typical Results: Students are armed with the Tools, Rules & Weapons of Confident Communication. They leave a lively & interactive session inspired & excited, with skills that they can use immediately in school, in later study & both socially & professionally throughout their lives.

Long Term Results:

With practice students can overcome nerves, gain a positive attitude & become more confident. Learning to express their opinions, ideas & beliefs raises their self-esteem. The impact on all areas of their lives is amazing.

Marcelle will donate a copy of her book
‘Stand Up! Speak Up! Success through Communication’ to the school library.

Years 2-12
75 minutes
LESS THAN 130 Students:
Cost per session is $715.00 (inc $65.00 gst)
MORE THAN 130 Students:
$5.00 + .50c gst per student
Lectern, Whiteboard, Music stand.